About Us

Havivah means well-loved and we love ALL mamas! I founded Havivah Mama to be an ethically produced clothing collection that celebrates the beauty of all motherhood’s stages. Havivah Mama is a brand made for mamas by mamas!
I’m a pediatrician, and a mama. I get it. Mamas want clothes that actually fit and make us feel beautiful but are comfortable and functional.

After struggling myself to find clothes that fit me and fit my life, I decided to create the clothes I wished I could find when I was pregnant and nursing and would want to wear long after the pregnancy and nursing days were over. I wanted clothes that I actually wanted to wear; that allowed me to still feel like “me;” that complemented my changing figure without being a body con, rouched nightmare or a shapeless tent; and that were high quality and comfortable. And now worrying about two instead of only myself, having clothes that were eco-friendly and ethically produced took on an entirely new meaning. Importantly, I also needed clothes that were modest enough to do my work -examining patients and rounding in the hospital. I wanted clothes that were functional, with discreet nursing access, pockets, easy to clean, and that would hold up to everything I threw at them.

Pregnancy is an exciting but very vulnerable time in a woman’s life. Your body is changing as you are nourishing this new life growing inside of you. And if you are breastfeeding, this continues even after the baby is born. These changes are amazing and wonderful, but also forever change your body. I want to help women to look at their body and celebrate those changes. Women should be able to feel pride and amazement at what their body has done.

-and yes, stretch marks can be beautiful!-

 Just by saying that, and continuing to say it, I hope to change the narrative.

I believe that another way to help mamas feel beautiful throughout all these changes is to make clothing that not only respects a mama’s style, but one that is also kind to all those wonderful new curves. The goal of Havivah Mama is to create a space where women can find clothing to feel like their most beautiful selves both during and after pregnancy.

On top of feeling beautiful, I know that mamas want to feel good about what they’re wearing. So we go further than just making beautiful clothing.

  • Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing
    • We take pride in the fact that we only partner with manufacturers and producers who follow the highest standards in terms of the fabrics we use and the people who create our garments.
    • We seek to ensure the fabrics we use and the processes used to create them are kind to the environment.
    • All of our clothing is sewn in either the US or Europe, where we are assured the people who are creating your garments are treated fairly.
    • No throw away fashion. Our clothing is timeless and made to last, taking pressure off of the supply chain and landfills. We hope you will love these items for years and then pass them along!
  • Comfort
    • We use soft stretchy fabrics that move with you.
    • Higher necklines and longer hemlines mean you can get what you need done without compromising comfort. Who said you can’t wear a dress chasing your kiddos on the playground?
  • Easy to Care for
    • No precious fabrics that require special handling or complicated wash routines
  • Smartly designed
    • No item is launched without input from numerous Mamas. And we are always soliciting feedback and improving our designs.
    • Inventive nursing access, so you can look fabulous and still pump or nurse without compromising your modesty!
    • Pockets! Because what mama doesn’t need pockets?

I truly hope that you love these clothes as much as I loved creating them. And I’m always eager to hear feedback from my Havivah Mamas! Drop me a line anytime: andrea.r@havivahmama.com