Ensuring a healthy future for our mamas and their babies is our highest priority.


That's why here at Havivah Mama we make every effort to source eco conscious fabrics from ethical sources. Our clothing line is currently made using micromodal, a premium fabric made from beech trees, a sustainable resource. The micromodal fabric we use is produced in the USA, further limited the environmental impact. Our handmade robe and nightgown is made from eco conscious bamboo rayon. Bamboo is fast growing, carbon neutral and uses very little water to grow.


Our clothing is crafted by seamstresses in homes and small shops in the USA. This ensures not only a high level of quality, but also fair wages and working conditions for the people who make your clothing. The carbon footprint of our garments is also decreased due to the more limited resources needed when manufacturing stateside and outside of large manufacturing plants.


At its most basic, slow fashion is the movement of designing, creating, and buying garments for quality and longevity. As a mama, I want to leave the world a better place for my daughter. I also want to run my business in a way I can be proud of. Adopting an ethos of slow fashion allows me to step back and get out of the grind of quickly coming up with new designs and producing in large quantities with materials that won't necessarily hold up over time. Keeping our manufacturing and supply chain in the US supports our country's small businesses and ensures fair working conditions and living wages. It reduces waste because we aren't producing clothing we can't sell. Investing in the right materials and manufacturing ensures high quality items that will hold up over time reducing the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills. And because we can spend time prototyping and obsessively fit testing each design mamas won't need to accumulate ill fitting clothing that they won't wear. Of course, slow fashion isn't the cheapest option, but we believe that mamas will see the value of investing in quality items they will love and will be proud to wear for a long time!