Designed for mamas by a pediatrician mama (and my team of mamas!) 


Hello there mama! Check out all the exciting things we have going on!



As part of Havivah Mama's commitment to sustainability and ethical production, we put great care into the design and production of each new item. First, I elicit feedback from real mamas to determine what YOU actually want. Then it's off the the drawing board -not literally, it's actually a computer! To ensure the best possible fit, we utilize 3D pattern technologies which allow us to see how the garment fits before ever cutting a single inch of fabric. We also model the patterns regular and plus sized computer generated models. This technology allows Havivah Mama to offer items that fit just as well in size XS as they do in size 7XL because we believe ALL mamas deserve a great fit. Finally, once the computer design is completed, we send the patterns off to our seamstresses who create the garments in various sizes which we then ship out to real mamas like you to fit test. Based on that feedback, we repeat the entire process over again until the fit is perfect. 



We researched numerous fabrics to find one that would be perfect for a pregnant or nursing mama. For our first collection, we’re using micromodal fabric. Micromodal is an incredibly soft and silky premium fabric. It is a sustainable fiber that is derived from beech trees. The beech fibers make this fabric very resilient and allows it to hold its shape well. This resilience is enhanced by the addition of stretchy fibers knows as elastane (or Spandex). It is resistant to fading, holds up well over time and is machine washable. It is also very breathable so it is cool against your body. Because this is a premium fabric, it does carry a higher price tag, but we think the quality and luxury is worth it!



Read below to learn more about the designs that are currently in development! For more information and to see pictures, check out the page for each individual item in our shop! Can't wait to meet these beauties :) 

Hug My Bump Maternity Skirt

This one is close to launch. It has a unique cross that sits below the bump and expands with you, allowing room to grow. The forgiving and lovely design is also perfect in the postpartum period and well beyond. It's structured but made with luxuriously soft, stretchy and breathable micro-modal with Spandex for stretch. So while it looks like a fancy-schmancy skirt, it feels and wears like a pair of sweats, a Sweatskirt :) Plus, pockets!!!

Lift up Nursing Tank

The keystone and workhorse of our line, in development is a lift up nursing tank. A high neckline allows you to wear this as a shell if you need more coverage. And light, breathable MicroModal fabric means you will hardly know it's there. 

Lift up Nursing Shirts

Don't worry, we didn't forget about sleeves! Once the Lift up Nursing Tank design is perfected, we'll move on to developing shirts that can be worn as shells or alone with 3/4 and long sleeves. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye on our website so you don't miss the debut of these tops!

The Havivah "Mama Dress"

This one is close, a beautiful circle skirt that comes below the knees, with a lift up nursing top, a neckline that covers the collarbone and 3/4 sleeves. Beautiful enough to wear for a night out, professional enough for the office (or clinic if your a Doc like me!), but resilient enough chasing your littles on the playground. With enough stretch in the tummy that you can wear from pregnancy to basically, forever. Quite possibly the only dress you will ever need, Mama!

Before and After Shift Dress

This dress is been meticulously designed and refined. Hidden nursing access in the front will allow you to feed your baby with ease. And stretchy forgiving fabric means this dress can be worn comfortably throughout pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. Once we get everything perfect you will see this beauty launching. 

Handmade Maternity and Nursing Robe and Nightgown

The patterns are set, the scissors are out, the sewing machine is being warmed up! Soon, you will be seeing these beautiful pieces up for sale. Don't miss out, though! Because these are hand made, supplies will be limited. Newsletter subscribers will have first dibs!